3 Reasons for Kittens + 2 for Personality – in Social Media. With *Actual* Kittens

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No. Kitty with a K

Itty Bitty KITTY Committee

You Gotta Have Pizazz, Kitty

Obviously this post isn’t about kittens.

Well, it isn’t JUST about kittens.

It’s about personality. It’s about infusing the things you do online with YOU-ness. You’re going to have to make a crapload of content to make it online. A freaking lot of content.

Blog posts.


Facebook Posts.

YouTube videos.

Press releases.

Newsletter updates.

Guest blog posts.


And that’s just if you want to hit the high notes.

Even if you assign some of this to a team (stop laughing, solo entrepreneurs), it still has to be dealt with, you’ll have to edit, approve, or hire someone you can trust to edit and approve. The point is that someone will have to do the work.

And that’s just half of the deal. Which brings us back to our main point. You will have to get that content noticed.

I’m not going to go into all the clever things you can do to get your content noticed today – I’ll probably write about it this coming Tuesday over on my AGBeat visibility column. I just wanted a place to talk about why I say “Now with Kittens”, and why you should do your own thing in social media so people will remember you.

Even if it’s for something slightly silly, it’s better that people remember you than not notice you at all.

If great content was enough, we’d all just hire the best writers, actors, artists, graphic designers we could afford and be done with it, yes? Great content is Everywhere these days.

What’s the Deal with the Kittens, Tinu?

Like Meow Me Now, Google’s innovative kitten project, the “Now with Kittens” tagline that appears on some of my Twitter updates, is kind of a joke. But that’s not the whole story.

On Twitter, I often tag my oldie but goodie posts to Twitter with a promise of kittens for 3 reasons.

First, its part of my offline vocabulary.

In face-to-face conversation, I often call men who I’d prefer would stfu “kitten” in my sultriest voice if all other forms of manipulation don’t work. (I do this with women too, but the voice is Far from sultry.) In online conversation, it’s my favorite term of endearment or stab prevention.

Second, I call everyone cat, as in “that cat is always using his friends as umbrellas. what a d[redacted].”

The third instance is as a mockery of the old way of marketing.

In advertising and marketing copy, the now with phrase became a common afterthought selling point. Think: “Toasters – now with bread!”

After its popularity peaked, the now with offers became more and more desperate and ridiculous, with the added-on feature becoming something popular but completely unrelated to the initial sales item. To me, it represents everything that is wrong with the traditional marketing model, and the stench of hopelessness attached to people determined to force this paradigm into new media.

Thus, of course, I began to mock these publicly, often mocking myself in the process. In order to do this in a way people like me would “get” instantly, I figured it had to include something that had always, and would always, be popular online, but that was also the furthest possible thing from what I write about.

And what’s more popular online than Kittens?

This mini-meme is now

  1. kind of an inside joke between me and my followers,
  2. a conversation starter, and,
  3. a short hand used with my long-term followers that says this tweet is not a new post.

Enough about me.

What’s your favorite display of personality in social media?



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  1. Tinu says

    @kamichat How are you this on the ball at all times, Kami? Do you eat wheaties? Spirolina shakes? I must know.

  2. Tinu says

    @kamichat How are you this on the ball at all times, Kami? Do you eat wheaties? Spirolina shakes? I must know.

  3. Tinu says

    @jeffreypjacobs I appreciate the retweets – you’re hooking me up. :) I think you could add to the “personality” part of the discussion.

  4. Tinu says

    How are you @ShellyKramer – thank you for the retweets. I have real kittens today – did you see them?

  5. Tinu says

    @lizscherer :) I know how that feels. Almost like the phone is a work accessory – some days I just want to shove mine in a drawer.

  6. Tinu says

    @LisaByrne LOL thank you. :) Thought the kitten controversy should go public. Now THREE more people know about it!

  7. says

    I learned a whooooole lot about you AND kittens just now, Tinu. I was indeed mentally drawing an “x” across the line “assign some of this to a team” just as I got to your parenthetical admonishment, lol. My signature “bright morning, all” every am is pretty well known, but I’ve yet to establish myself as a cake-lover. Working on it!

  8. says

    I just LOVE the idea of a “bright morning” – and please remember me in your eating of cake. Think I’ll have to go off cake for about 4 months after Halloween, LOL. @ShakirahDawud Thanks for coming by!

  9. Tinu says

    @CPGBML I’m sorry, how do we know each other? I don’t see the convo. All I see is the same msg repeated, which is considered spam.

  10. Tinu says

    @CPGBML No that’s my point. U don’t click links from people I don’t know. It’s usually spam or a virus.

  11. MirrorDotMe says

    @Tinu hehe, I knew you used kittens for your older content, but I never knew why! Thanks for sharing. You’re hilarious! :)

  12. says

    Great post, Tinu.  No question, the best way to stand out is full-contact being yourself.  I probably have WAY too much personality going on for some people, but I am what I am! Why not use it? :)


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