Is Business Blogging Still Relevant? #MyBrandChat 04.08 8 pm ET

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Thinking about starting a business blog to promote your business? Not sure if it’s a dated concept that will compete with your efforts in social media?

Think you know the answer, but wonder how to get your business blogging to penetrate the noise?

Tinu Abayomi-Paul featured on #MyBrandChat

Come join myself and Akia Garnett in our discussion of these issues on Tuesday 04.08 on Twitter at 8 pm Eastern for #MyBrandChat.

Just a few things that I’m prepared to answer:

  • Does an active social voice make a good blogger?
  • If I’m doing fine with just  Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, why should I add blogging?
  • Is blogging actual part of social media?
  • What  do I need to  launch a blog?
  • How should I prepare for the days leading up to my launch?
  • Does how often I post matter at all?

These questions are bound to come up – but you can also bring your own to the Twitter Chat!

Um, What’s a Twitter Chat?

Don’t know what a Twitter chat is? It’s really easy to participate, and after your first one, you’ll wonder how to did without them.

To understand a Twitter chat, you need to understand hashtags, which are, to put it simply, a way for people to gather news, links, pictures, video or conversation upon a previously agreed topic, using a hopefully short word with the “#” symbol before it.

This symbol allows people to easily be able to follow that topic, as it turns the word into a link on many social platforms like Google Plus, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. For example, on Twitter if you type #MyBrandChat in a tweet, your tweet joins that topic with a hyperlinked word.

It’s much like the @ symbol allows you to not only address a tweet to a particular person, but also makes it easy for anyone else seeing that tweet to go to that person’s profile.

How to Follow the #MyBrandChat Twitter Chat

  1. At 7:45 pm on Tuesday April 8th, log into Twitter – you can log in using one of these tools if they help you block other distractions out- TweetdeckTweetchat, Twchat

  2. Follow the hashtag #MyBrandChat.

  3. Make a post using the hashtag to see if your tool is working properly. I like to say hi and that I’m waiting for the tweet to start, or retweet one of the other posts announcing that the tweet is coming up. That also helps the host promote to last minute joiners.

  4. BONUS TIP: Following the host and if any, the guest beforehand, in my experience, gives me enough time to vet them to see if they should be new contacts.  I’m @Tinu on Twitter, and you can follow Akia using the handle @AkiaGarnett.

See you there!

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