Google, Google Plus And Why To Stop Ignoring It

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I made a vow a while back, to stop pointing out what was great about anything in social or search. It’s completely selfish: I like to keep those tips for my customers and clients.

Why should I care if you don’t like Google+? More for me & my folks.

That vow has to be changed immediately.

Partly because I love it when I’m right.

Partly because I have incredible writer’s block about anything search or marketing related except Google+ – partially from being one of its few defenders, I’m sure.

And partly because I can’t stop myself from caring (stupid FEELS!), I’m amending that vow. I’m going to spend some of my time talking about WHY you absolutely must stop

  • ignoring Google+
  • thinking it’s an “optional” tool for marketers
  • playing favorites with Any of the social networks, really.

I’m guilty. I admit it. To this day I hate LinkedIn with a passion. That doesn’t mean I don’t use it.

If you want to fall in love, try eHarmony. If you want to be an effective marketer, get to know all your tools.

And pay particular attention to tools created by companies with lots of resources, financial and otherwise, who keep sinking money and syncing a tool with everything in their universe. Looking right at Google.

Google Plus is an important enough tool that I have a special closed-doors series about it coming up  for my subscribers, customers and clients.

Why IS Google Plus Suddenly More Important?

So what’s been happening these past few months that moves Google+ from the “if you prefer it” column to “wow this is mandatory” column?

Over the next few days I’ll name them all and go in-depth.

Here are a few hints, which will also be titles of the articles in the series:

In a nutshell, the last few changes that have happened in Google+ are just the tip of an iceberg full of reasons to swallow whatever remaining animosity you have in regards to Google+ and get on board now.

A tangible, competitive advantage to using Google Plus is forming. You need to get it together before the masses catch on.

Google+ is over two  years old now – we’re at the very tail end of the early adopter wave, even if you’re looking at it in terms of decades. The express train has left the station but you can still get coach seating on the commuter rail.

And you need to hurry up before the casual riders catch on. No joke.

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