Join Sally Falkow for a Digital Newsroom How-To

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Many of you know that I partner with a PR legend by the name of Sally Falkow on several projects over the past decade.

Photo credit: Camille Rose

Photo credit: Camille Rose

Those of you who know me personally know that I’m a finicky loner, and that I bore easily.

So working with one person for more than a few months at a time, outside business partners — well, it takes a special person.

The reason I have stuck with Sally is largely because she always has something to teach me about public relations.

I tend to stick to what I know and go to other experts when I need to wander outside my area. This week, she let me know that she’s having a special meeting via webinar to teach How to Implement a Digital Newsroom Strategy.

Of the 100 seats available, there were 30 left, last I heard. Which means they’ll probably fill up, so this isn’t one of those events that you show up to at the last minute. If you’re interested, register even if you can’t attend – recordings will only go out to people who sign up.

Among what you’ll learn:

  • Why brands like Red Bull have news rooms
  • How to get the same results for a small business
  • Why you might not want to do this with WordPress – there are several really good reasons that surprised me!
  • What do to instead.

Most webinars I get invited to are pitch-fests from beginning to end, which is why I’m often quite soured on them. But Sally’s are never like that. She teaches you how things you can use in the real world right after the event is over. I’m going and I think I know everything. 😉 So I hope to see you there.


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