That’s Right. I Love Google+ And I hope you still hate it

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google_128I was away at one of TWO memorial services for passed dear ones when “Dear Google+: Marketers Hate You (Want to Know Why?)” came out on MarketingProf’s Daily Fix site, so I’m late to the party.

It’s such an honor just to be mentioned though. And I couldn’t let another day pass without explaining why I love Google+ – and why I’d be perfectly happy there if more marketers don’t ever catch on.

Here’s the gist of the article:

In an informal poll of marketers, MarketingProfs asked about social media preferences. Not surprisingly, LinkedIn is marketers’ favorite network for professional use and Facebook for personal use. What was surprising was that (to date)42% of respondents have identified Google+ as the network they “Never Want to Hear About Ever Again” and 50% of marketers’ said Google+ was the most confusing social network.

Most confusing and least favorite? Ouch, Google+, that’s gotta hurt! But why are marketers saying this? We asked our Facebook audience of nearly 70,000 marketers what they thought.

You absolutely MUST click through and read both the rest of the article and the comments that came after. Before you go though, in case you’re one of the people who cringes at the very mention of Google+, know this.

When I first heard about Google+, well that was the first time I literally did a #headdesk – I was thinking “no please not another social network COME ON”.

And yet, once I got a few things through my head I grew to love it. Things like

  1. It’s not a Facebook clone
  2. There may not be the benchmark for social networks yet.
  3. Google+ helped me build a NEW audience in addition to the overlapping one I already had.
  4. The calmer interface of Google+ is less of an affront to me, possibly because I’m an introvert. I expend a lot less energy there than I do at Facebook.
  5. There’s a thriving artist community there where I was able to get next to some of my favorite actors and actresses, such as Issa Rae and William Shatner. Even the ones that didn’t circle me back I got to chat with or responded to me in a thread. As I’ve mentioned, I’m not big on that many celebs but the ones I love, I loooooove.

There are more things I’ll discuss another day but that truly made it for me. I see it as a great place to Expand your audience to people you Don’t know, in a way neither LinkedIn nor Facebook is set up to do, which lets a rambler like me have more space than I can find on Twitter.

If you want to give Google+ another try, connect to me there and I’ll show you a few more of my favorite things about it that Facebook doesn’t do — and for the betterment of us all, probably never should.

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  1. CommProSuzi says

    Like anything else that’s new it is taking me some time to get accustomed to it – like when I switch between Windows and Apple! I recently read that G+ will become “the spine for users’ Google experience.” So if we want to stay atop of all things Google, G+ will be helpful in achieving that goal. That written, I could be wrong.

  2. ElizabethMcgee says

    I have to say I like Google+ better than Facebook. I’ve never been that fond of Facebook, it’s not user friendly to me. I know it’s got it’s advantages but I really do prefer Google+.  
    I think Google+ will improve as they move forward, as they do with most of their services. I also think they will more than likely surpass Facebook in ease of use and benefits.

  3. says

    ElizabethMcgee Indeed. If my friends and family weren’t at Facebook, I’d leave. And that’s saying something. They may not move to G+, but if something comes along that is easy to move to and works better they WILL move. I can’t say the same about Google Plus because that’s where I go to meet *new* people. Which also makes it a huge advantage for businesses. 
    Thanks for replying!


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