Today: Thoughts on #Demand13 and an official caption contest

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As Editor-in-Chief of Women Grow Business, I am invited to many local, regional,  national and even international events as press.

I guess word has gotten around just how big my mouth is…

This time my big mouth got me invited to a conference put on by Vocus, Demand Success 2013. This is usually a conference for just their customers, and it’s the first time they’ve opened it up to the likes of us, the rest of the public. 😉

All kidding aside, I have spent a lot of time this week attempting to properly articulate why this was such a fantastic experience, as a long-time critic and oft-time outright-hater of the way conferences are set up.

I have a whole other blog post that goes into much more detail into why I think the conference was a great success and what areas could be improved that I’ll publish on another blog of mine, and link to from here.

Today, I thought the best way to express what was so great about this conference was to make my first public collection the following:

  • All the available slides from the speakers
  • Video clips made by myself and colleagues
  • The Key Takeaways written by peers who were also in attendance, and,
  • A few of the pictures that captured the Spirit of the occasion.

As for my own insights, the next post will be an overview of the top things I have learned. I have a LOT of other lessons, experiences, pictures, video and data to share in individual posts throughout the next week as well.

The #Demand13 Caption Contest

To start things off, I’m having a caption contest. I found the above picture of Shashi Bellamkonda I took during the closing keynote panel on Facebook Futures.

It wasn’t one of the best and normally I’d chuck it – but I can’t for the life of me, figure out WTF that gesture that Shashi is doing means, or what he could have been talking about!

Vocus has agreed to provide some Vocus SWAG to the winner. My company is throwing in a $25 Amazon gift certificate too. Shashi will pick the winning entry, since he’s the only one who really has any idea what that was about, LOL.

Enter by leaving a comment below or a tweet with the #demand13 hashtag, addressed to @shashib.

Next up in about an hour- Key and Unconventional Insights from Demand 13.

For absolutely no reason I’d like to add that because of the Vocus conference, I am heading back to the Gaylord on 4th of July weekend for a spa getaway, courtesy of a dear friend of mine. I had my choice of facilities and not only a gorgeous setting, but the service I experience truly matched the occasion. So this is a win for them too!

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Updated! Some Key (and Some Unconventional) Insights from @jowyang @geoffliving & @vocus at #Demand13
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  1. ChadP says

    When I count to 3, you will be driving down Facebook Easy Street in a red Tesla convertible coup…1,2,3

  2. SergejMattRinc says

    Facebook wants to grab more money from its users. And they bought Instagram for that, too. Well, that’s just the way it is.

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